Loop Racer GT Asia Grand Prix Finals
Nearly two years of preparation, the first Loop Racer GT Asia Grand Prix Finals finally took place at the Mode Mall in Taichung on June 30th, 2013. Contestants from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang, and Indonesia all came to Taiwan to participate this annual event. One could easily tell the tension and nervousness on the contestants’ faces. On the other hand, in contrast with the contestants, their accompanied friends and family were excited to take pictures with the event’s grand prize, BMW.

The on site pre-trial took place in the morning and the top two contestants could advance to the trial in the afternoon. Due to the single elimination rule of the pre-trial, it was either win or go home! So all contestants had to bring out the best of themselves in order to stay in the game. Finally, two contestants Xin-Ping Xiong and Wei-Feng Yan stood out from the crowd.

In the afternoon, the Loop Racer GT Asia Grand Prix Finals kicked off after the speech given by the general manager of Saint-Fun International Co., Ltd. The intense atmosphere could almost stop the audiences from breathing. Even the host tried very hard to ease the tension; the pressure of all contestants still wouldn’t go away. Due to the relatively short route of the Loop Racer GT game, players’ every little mistake could change the whole game. Victory or defeat could be determined by one second. One of the Chinese contestants even shed teas after being disqualified. It was like the Olympics, we could never imagine all the efforts contestants had made for 2 years of preparation from one competition alone.

After several rounds of race, the eight quarterfinalists revealed. Unfortunately Indonesian contestants were not able to advance to this stage. But the sportsmanship they showed was admirable. The quarterfinals were even more exciting and breathtaking; the atmosphere was even more intense. Some contestants couldn’t even hold the steeling wheel still and the host could feel the whole stage trembling.

The four contestants for the championship final came out! The rule for the Loop Racer GT Asia Grand Prix championship final was conducted as 4 rounds of points race. The contestant who got the highest total points would be the champion, and therefore the winner of the BMW car. Only one Taiwanese player, Jian-Liang Tu from Taichung, made it this far. Although he took the first place in the first round, the strength of the Chinese contestants could not be underestimated. The situation turned in the second round, but it was still too early to predict who would win the championship. The skills of all four contestants were almost on a par. No one could dominate the whole competition. Victory or defeat was determined in the last mile before the finish line.

Finally, the results of the Loop Racer GT Asia Grand Prix Finals:
Champion: Xiao-Hao Huang(Guangzhou); Prize: BMW 118i
Winner of the 2nd place: Jian-Liang Tu(Taiwan);Prize: NTD100,000
Winner of the 3rd place: Xian-Tong Liu(Shenyang);Prize: NTD50,000
Winner of the 4th place: Hai-Bo Li(Shanghai);Prize: NTD20,000

The Loop Racer GT Asia Grand Prix was a success! The organizer arranged a dinner banquet for all contestants and guests after the event, as well as a 5 days tour for overseas contestants starting the next day.