JULY! Play Loop Racer to win Grand Prizes!
JULY! Play Loop Racer to win Grand Prizes!

This July, Loop Racer Grand Prix invites players to challenge 4 new routes. Prizes will be rewarded to the top 5 players of each route, which leads to 20 prizes altogether. Each player has the chance to win a maximum of USD 1,000! :

Osaka:Route 4 (Honmachi → Juso)
Tokyo:Route 4 (Akihabara → Asakusa)
Shanghai:Route 4 (N-S Rd → Dalian Rd)
Beijing:Route 4 (T.Square → Youanmen)
*Please note the starting and finishing point
*The top 5 players of every route will be rewarded with big prizes!

Sign up before 7/31 20:00 (The final result will be based on the "Record Time" on the Official Website.) Available record Time should be within2012-7-01 00:00 ~ 2012-7-31 20:00. If the Record Time shows after 2012/7/31 20:01, the prize will not be recognized.

1. Please sign up for the contest before 2012/7/31 20:00. Winners will get your prize at the store you signed up.
2. All players can only register in ONE store. There is no restriction on car type and gears. If a player owns more than one Game card, use the better records to get your prize.
3. Store owners and staffs CANNOT register for the contest.
4. The final results will be based on the data on the Saint-Fun official website.
※The Record will be updated in the Official Website at 01:00 am every day. However, due to time differences and internet environment differences, some data might not be updated at 01:00am every day.
5. In the event that player violates the rules, Saint-Fun reserves the rights to disqualify him/her immediately, and the prize shall be returned
6. Saint-Fun reserves the rights to interpret all rules and to make amendment without prior notice.
7. Please write to ac@saintfun.com.tw if you have any inquiries or suggestions. Thank you!